Latest Job Opportunities in KSEB


KSEB : The Kerala State Electricity Board, constituted by the Government of Kerala, by order dated 7 March 1957, under the Electricity (Supply) Act, 1948 is in the business of Generation, Transmission and Distribution of electricity and striving to provide quality electricity at affordable cost to all classes of consumers in the state of Kerala. As per section 172 (a) of the Electricity Act 2003 and as mutually decided by the Government of India and Government of Kerala, KSEB has continued as Transmission utility and Distribution licensee till 24 September 2008. In exercise of powers conferred under sub-sections (1), (2), (5), (6) and (7) of section 131 of the Electricity Act, 2003, State Government vide the notification G.O (Ms).37/2008/PD dated 25 September 2008 has vested all functions, properties, interests, rights, obligations and liabilities of KSEB with the State Government till it is re-vested the same in a corporate entity. Accordingly, KSEB has been continuing all the functions as a Generator, State Transmission Utility and a Distribution Licensee in the State. Kerala State Electricity Board commenced functioning on 31 March 1957 After Noon as per order no. EL1-6475/56/PW dated 7 March 1957 of the Kerala State Government. It had 5 members with Sri K P Sreedharan Nair as chairman. All the staff belonging to the erstwhile Electricity Department was transferred to the Board. The ‘Board’ consisting of the chairman and the Members is the Supreme Governing Body. The State Government by their notification EL3-9345 dated 21 February 1958 constituted the State Electricity Consultative Council under section 16 of the Electricity Supply Act. The Council functions as consultative body and the Board is required to place before the council the annual financial statement and supplementary statements if any before submitting such statements to the State Government. The ‘Board’ consisting of the chairman and the Members is the Supreme Governing Body. The Board consists of seven members and is headed by the chairman. The Government of Kerala and KSE Board issued orders for the restructuring of KSE Board into profit centres in April 2002. Members head the profit centres. There is a Corporate Office to co-ordinate and control the activities of the Board.

Last Date : 30th November 2017

Age : 18 – 25

Current Opportunities in KSEB are given below

Assi. Engineer(Electrical)

Assi. Engineer(Civil)

Sub Engineer(Electrical)

Sub Engineer(Civil)

Meter Reader

Junior Assistant/Cashier

Electricity Worker

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